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Chief Financial

We don’t just solve problems for our clients, we collaboratively pursue opportunities. Solving problems only returns an organization to the status quo. Identifying and pursuing opportunities provides innovation and organizational growth. Our Chief Financial Advisors instill steadfast financial leadership, expert analysis and objective advice to provide steady growth paths for client organizations. Our fixed price engagement provides the benefit of cost predictability associated with full time staffing, with the additional benefit of scalability.



Many accountants are purely historians that document the financial past of your organization. We are advisory accountants that look not only at the history, but also to the future of your organization. Our experience in industry, working with startups, Fortune 500 companies, and multiple organizations in between, gives us a unique perspective. As advisory accountants, we are able to take best practices from industry and apply them systematically across a client organization.



Your time is valuable. Our Profit Smart bookkeepers handle data entry and accounting system management, allowing you to focus on analysis and decision making. Financial operations benefit from a systematic approach to financial management. We work with your existing tax accountant to make year-end compliance and tax return preparation a seamless process. Your accountant will appreciate receiving an accurate set of books and you will appreciate spending less time collecting and organizing data.

Don’t just be smart. Be Profit Smart.


Law Practice

Executive and manager level reporting for law practice management accounting advisement and consulting utilizing online and traditional tools.

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Experienced understanding of restaurant best practices, event triggers, and reporting mechanisms.

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Deep knowledge base of nonprofit business models, revenue structures, governance, capacity building, and accounting practices.

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Startup, Emerging &
Midsize Business

Business modelling and financial strategy for multiple organizational sizes, styles, and structures.

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It’s about knowledge, not just numbers.

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