Don’t just be smart.
Be Profit Smart.

It’s about knowledge,
not just numbers.


We are specialists

We believe the practice of accounting lends itself to specialization. Rather than being everything to everyone, we strive to be experts in the area of financial management and accounting systems. Our firm runs counter to legacy firms and does not provide audit or tax services. We believe that startup, emerging and mid-sized organizations deserve the financial expertise that was once only available to very large organizations.

We pursue opportunities

We don’t just solve problems for our clients, we help them pursue opportunities. Solving problems only returns your organization to the status quo. Identifying and pursuing opportunities provides innovation and growth for your organization.

We sell knowledge and positive outcomes

Our firm does not sell time in six minute increments to our clients; we sell knowledge and positive outcomes. Your organization is not concerned about the time we spend on your engagement, but the outcome of our work. You should not expect to write your accountant a blank check and let them go to work! We take care to thoroughly define the scope of our engagement, determine the positive outcome you seek and, for most engagements, provide you with a flat fee for our services. This method places emphasis on understanding the needs of your organization on the front end, while also allowing you to budget for our services.

We work with forward thinking, entrepreneurial clients

We firmly believe that bad clients drive out good clients. Therefore, we work with forward thinking, entrepreneurial clients. All of our prospective clients are screened in a number of areas including: commitment to quality, growth orientation, and openness to new ideas. Our professionals enjoy working with our clients and derive an intangible benefit from their success.

We think like fire marshals

Our mantra is “Let’s be fire marshals, not firemen”! We want to identify and eliminate potential organizational hazards before they become raging infernos. Running from problem to problem putting out fires takes resources away from serving the mission of your organization. We focus on streamlining your financial operations. Fewer moving parts equals fewer opportunities for system failures.

We focus on your future, not just your history

Many accountants are purely historians that document the financial past of your organization. We are advisory accountants that look not only at the history, but also to the future of your organization. Our experience in industry, working with startups, to Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between, gives us a unique prospective. We are able to take best practices from industry and apply them across our clients’ organization.

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